Color me crazy – 10 best online color tools

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If you're tackling some graphic design project or maybe even your wall decor, getting color hints from ready made color templates from professional designers can be useful. Below are 10 of the better sites to help you out on your design challenge.. - from Sessions Online School of Design, a nice color calculator to help you find color harmonies and schemes. I like the geometric filters which allow you to see your color palette in various patterns.

Color Palette Generator - not too fancy, but sometimes less is more. At this site you can upload a photo and get the corresponding color palette.

Color Hunter - allows you to create and find color palettes from photographs.

Color Scheme Generator - your basic color tool, nothing fancy. Nice online tool to generate color schemes and palettes to create good-looking and well balanced and harmonic web pages.

Stripe Generator - this is a fun tool to help you design stripe patterns for your next project.

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  • Freya Harris

    our wall decors are always colored white, coz white is our favorite color and it looks good too.,.

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