Understanding Tsunamis with Storybooks, Videos, and Animation

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A tsunami causes major damage in north-eastern Japan, after a massive 8.8-magnitude (updated by NHK) earthquake strikes off the coast today, March 11, 2011. I cant imagine how people on land are coping with this. Phone lines are down. What would you would do if you couldn’t make a CALL for help?! Fires are sparking everywhere as well.This is really sad. Neighboring countries to Japan also have Tsunami alerts as of 7:15PM– Philippines, Indonesia, Guam, and Hawaii are just four of the 20+ countries on Tsunami alert.

Deepen your understanding of tsunamis through the following resources. Students can benefit well from these links as well.

According to Philvocs: A Tsunami is a series of sea waves commonly generated by under-the-sea earthquakes and whose heights could be greater than 5 meters. It is erroneously called tidal waves and sometimes mistakenly associated with storm surges. Tsunamis can occur when the earthquake is shallow-seated and strong enough to displace parts of the seabed and disturb the mass of water over it.


  1. A felt earthquake.
  2. Unusual sea level change: sudden sea water retreat or rise.
  3. Rumbling sound of approaching waves.

Animated Tutorial Guide to understand the nature of tsunamis:

- Image Source: BBC

Instructional Video to help you understand Tsunamis better:

Online Storybook for kids to understand the causes and effects of a tsunami.

Understanding Tsunamis with Storybooks, Videos, and Animation

- Image Source: FEMA, 2011

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    Knowing about tsunami signs can save your life, if you’re on the beach as it happens.

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