Awesome New Google Doodle – Jim Henson’s 75th birthday

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Jim Henson, the creator of the hit children’s TV show The Muppets has been celebrated with an animated Google Doodle. Jim Henson would have been 75 today and for his vast contributions to the entertainment industry has been given Googles top honor.


Thanks to a Google Doodle, millions of web searches will find out a little more about Jim Henson today. The new Google logo highlights The Muppets and when you hover over the logo you’ll see each Muppet follow your mouse pointer, although that is just the start of the fun, head to Google’s homepage to see for yourself. Unlike most Doodle’s, when you click this one it does not take you to a Google search, instead you’ll interact with the Doodle when clicking.

Some text will pop up when you leave the mouse still over the logo, this states “Jim Henson’s 75th birthday”. Henson sadly died on May 16, 1990 and was well known on the television show “Sesame Street”, and he helped create some pretty amazing Muppets for movies, which included Fraggle Rock.

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  • Colincreevy

    if u click on the red “o” couple of times it will do something and also if u click the red “e” it will do something

  • koushik malakar

    awsome….a complete timepass and moreover entaitaning………good jod……amazingly done

  • Franksbomb21

    i have been messing around with this google doodle for a while too bad. they will eventually remove it :(

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