Happy Holidays Google Doodle brings Christmas spirit

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The festive spirit has certainly infected Google this year with the search giant’s latest interactive ‘Google Doodle’ bringing bright lights to the holiday season.

Once a computer user clicks on the coloured lights, the screen turns black and the letters of Google change to represent objects of the holiday season, including a snow ball, snow man and jingle bell.

Once the lights have finished flashing, the search engine finishes the performance with a rendition of Jingle Bells, before returning search results for ‘happy holidays.’

Happy Holidays Google Doodle brings Christmas spirit :



It is the latest Christmas bug to infect searchers after Google added a surprising festive touch for those who typed in “Merry Christmas” or just “Christmas” into the search bar.


Google  also added Stars of David to the bottom of the search bar when a user typed in Hanukkah.

A search for ‘let it snow’ meanwhile, will send your screen snowy in Google’s latest ‘Easter egg’ trick.

By typing ‘let it snow’ into a Google search bar, flakes of soft, white snow gently begin to fall from the top of your screen.

But as the snow continues to fall and the screen slowly frosts over, shovelling through your search results (which include the Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra versions of the famous Christmas carol, Let it Snow) becomes much more difficult.


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