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Hey friends i’ve come across few websites which can calculate the approximate value of your websites and blogs. This information may not be 100% accurate all the time because it is calculated using a formula which depends up on various factors available on internet about a website like traffic rank,google page rank, back links, directory listings and many other factors. But it gives a nice overview about the website.Surprisingly one of the website estimates the cost of my blog around $4606 and the other website estimates my blog value around $1043…..

Below are the two websites which will calculate the value of your websites.just check them out….

Website Outlook

Cyber Wyre


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First of all Check out the MIND READER

Check out the trick only after seeing the mind reader…..

I hope all of you are now curious about how this flash mind reader works.There are no such things called as psychic powers or psychic phenomenon involved in this…..The fact is that even this is a trick as most of the other math mind tricks.people just cant figure it out as they are misdirected from thinking logically.

Now lets get started on solving this psychic mystery.In this,we have to select any two digit number from 1 to 100 i.e any number starting from 10 to 99..we have to add the two digits and subtract the sum from the original number.So if u observe carefully,u’ll find tht what ever 2 digit number u choose and add the two digits and subtract the sum from the original number,the answer will be either 9 or multiple of 9………..i.e the possible answers are  9 0r 18 or 27 or 36 or 45 or 54 or 63 or 72 or 81

Now if u carefully observe, all of these have the same symbol in the list.

Find any mp3 song u want…

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hey guys i know how hard it is when we can not find our favourite song for download. Even you people might have searched for some rare songs and ended up in being unable to find them. So now you dont have to worry about it anymore as i have collected all the best mp3 search engine websites where u not only can download the songs but also, u can listen to them before u download , so that you can make sure you are downloading the right song…… here is the list of them

1. crawl music

2. Xinxy

3. mp3 laggon

4. i want muzik

5. audio dig

6. xtreme filez

7. Air Mp3

8. Jimmyr

9. F3Mp3

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