Happy New Year 2011

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Happy new year 2011

Happy new year 2011

My site has never been in the Sandbox. Why not?

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You can avoid having your site in the Sandbox for several reasons. If your site was launched before the March 2004 Sandbox filter, your site probably avoided the problem. Sites targeting non-competitive keywords and phrases are often left out of the Sandbox as there is little point in applying the filter. Keep in mind, however, that even less competitive search terms can be Sandboxed, but their much shorter stay can often go entirely unnoticed. If you had ownership of a domain prior to the installation of the Sandbox filter, your site might also be spared its probationary period.

How long is a site in the Sandbox?

Stays in the Sandbox can vary from one to six months, with three to four months being the normal time frame. Less competitive searches will be given the much shorter stay, while hyper-competitive keywords will often spend six months in the Box. The most frequent length of stay is about three months for most search terms.

Are there variable lengths of stay in the Sandbox?

The stay in the Sandbox is highly variable. The more competitive the keyword, the longer the site spends in the Sandbox. The filter will be gradually decreased over time, and will lose most of its dampening effect in about three months. Of course, for the most competitive search phrases, the Sandbox filter might remain in full force for six months.

How do I know if I am in the Sandbox?

You can look for evidence of Sandbox activity. Does your site have a  strong Google PageRank, along with good incoming links? Does it get excellent search results in some secondary search phrases? Then, if your site is still nowhere to be found for the most important searches,  it is likely the site has been placed in the Sandbox.


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