Google Extends Search Appliance Capability

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Google has extends the capability of their Search Appliance and prepared other enhancements that enable people search their company documents.

Matthew Glotzbach (Google’s director of product management for enterprise), says that the newer model of the device could handle until 10 millions document. This is major improvement as the earlier version of the device only can store 3 million documents. Additional changes include the capability to show search results based on vivid metadata related with documents and the capability for administrators to tailor search results for different categories of staff, he said.

Google makes the main source of its profit and income by selling text ads (Adwords) that show on their search engine or Adsense publishers, but the Search Appliance is one of a handful of extra areas where the company is enthusiastically trying to make money.

The price for the hardware starts at $30,000 for entry-level model (500,000 documents), which including supports for hardware problem for two years. However, Google does not reveal the cost for the higher-level models, which include the ability for one machine to take over for another that fails because of unexpected situation or disaster.

The Search Appliances display its results based on many criteria, which factors more than 100 criteria for each query. They can also use the connectors to access files archived by using document management system (e.g. EMC Documentum). Besides that, they can pull out structured data stored in databases and software for customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

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