Share Your Files and Folders Easily with Dropbox

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Share Files and Folders with DropboxDropbox is a free application that can be used for online files and folders sharing. With the help of dropbox you can create an account, which will be online, and can upload all the files and folders that you want to share on your account. The application is quite user friendly and there is no overhead involved in installing and configuring the software.



How do share the documents in Dropbox :

1. Download the installer file from

2. Install the application.

3. After the installation is complete you will get a Dropbox shortcut on your desktop which you can use to share files. Optionally you can invite other people from anywhere around the globe to access the Dropbox shared folder.

Once dropbox is installed on your computer you will be provided with 2 GB of free online space which you can use to store and share files. You can increase your space by inviting your friends and relatives to join Dropbox. A few pros and cons of software are listed below which will help you if you plan to download this free application.



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