Google Doodle Celebrates Art Clokey’s 90th Birthday

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Google-Doodle-Art-ClokeyToday, Google home page displays a quite charming doodle. An animation dedicated to the Arthur Charles Farrington birthday anniversary. It’s look cool because there are six animations display on Google homepage today, there are G box, pink bubble, yellow bubble, light blue bubble, green bubble and orange bubble.

Every specified animation clicked and give its animate show up. And its more cool if you play the animation with just click to every object. I don’t hear any sound came out when I play the animations, may indeed soundless because I used latest Google Chrome browser.

Art Clokey’s 90th Birthday, Google Give A Doodle Honor.

As it is known, Arthur Charles Farrington or known as Art Clokey, was a pioneer in the popularization of stop motion clay animation, as quote bywikipedia. Born on October 12, 1921 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He most known as the creator of Gumby. Clokey study at Pomona College for geology. He graduated from his adoptive father’s alma mater, Miami University, in 1948.

Gumby is firmly in popular culture. It depends on mirrors, appears in video games and appears everywhere in references in the film and television. Millions of dolls Gumby were subjected to manipulation of their owners. The character was cast satire, in particular by Eddie Murphy, who played as a vulgar cigar chomping – “I’m Gumby, dammit!” – in “Saturday Night Live” in the 1980s.

As successive generations have discovered the strange green character, the success has come to define Gumby Clokey life, with music that reflects the message of love simple Clokey. “If you have a heart, then Gumby’s a part of you

The fact is that most people do not know his name, but everyone knows Gumby, The lives of people around the world is an incredible thing to work contact.” said a friend and animator David Scheve.

Today, Gumby is a cultural icon recognized around the world. He has more than 134.000 fans on Facebook. Arthur Charles Farrington was 88 when died in his sleep at his home in Los Osos, California on January 8, 2010, after hard battling repeated bladder infections.

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