Google Doodle Celebrates 165th Birthday of Bram Stoker

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bram-stokerGoogle is celebrating the 165th birthday of yet another novelist called Bram Stoker in their brand new Doodle that showcases vampires and all things scary. If you are unaware then let me tell you that Bram was a famous Irish writer who is known worldwide for his novel called “Dracula”. Dracula essentially gave a brand new life to the image of a vampire. The original concept of Dracula has been adopted in several Hollywood movies.



Google Doodle for Bram Stoker 165th Birthday


The Doodle is just a static image that plays with red and black colors. Remember that Bram Stoker also loved the color red which is evident from his novels. All you get to experience is a black and white illustration of a possible Dracula showing something to the spectators while the letters Google appear in red. When you click on the image you are takes to a Google search page result of the Irish author where you get a display of all the books on top and some standard search results below.

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